Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Holidays 2009!

And for those who have wondered with baited breath what has been keeping us occupied these past few weeks...

Christmas Eve at our house
The tradition continues (3 years now) for Jess and I to spend long hours cleaning and cooking (although she did better with not stressing out as much this year!) so we can pack our little place with 16 people for Christmas Eve dinner. Presents, games, and songs filled out the evening.
The Christmas Half & Half, with my aunt Eileen, and my buddy Charles in the background.

My cousins Reuben, Gabriel, and Isaac

My Jess and my mom in the kitchen working the ham, whilst Maggie the Christmas Pump waits for a morsel to fall.

Christmas Day
We go down to my parents' house to eat, open more gifts, and sit around.
Me and Jess. She still likes me after 3.5 years.

My mom, Donny, Gabby, and Maggie the Christmas Pump (now with Sparkly-Red-Christmas-Bow!)

(My dad had to work on Christmas day, so he wasn't around until later, but he was there. He was also at Christmas Eve, but apparently I didn't think whatever he was doing all night was that interesting.)

Post-Christmas in Mammoth
What is turning into another end-of-year tradition for us is heading up to Mammoth Mountain for a few days. Good friends, good snowboarding, and I saw snow fall for the first time in my life.

Nick, Tim, Jess, Me, and Charles

Getting ready to sit down to Tim's dinner: Coque Au Vin

Frozen water falls from the sky. It's magical.

So that's what we've been up to recently. How are you?