Friday, August 6, 2010

Blogging is HARD

So if anyone still checks our blog and wonders if we're still alive or doing anything interesting since buying our home, I apologize for not posting!

I've been much more active in the "micro-blogging" world of late. If you're interested enough in what we're up to, I might recommend going over to, and following me. My username is: paulphoover. On that site I update a couple times a day, and add pictures. The coolest part is that I'm updating in real time, and pictures usually go up right after I take them. Technology is so great.

So yeah, I won't give up on the blog, but if you're sick and tired of seeing the same blog post title, then maybe try something new?

Also, my twitter automatically updates my Facebook profile, so that's another way to get a snapshot of what's up in our lives at the moment!


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